Upgrading To The Disney Bundle If You Already Have a Disney+ subscription through Apple, Roku, Amazon, Etc.

If you already have a Disney+ subscription that you pay for through a third party (like Apple, Roku, Amazon Prime), you won’t see the option for the bundle via those services.

You only see the option for the Disney+/Hulu/ESPN+ bundle via the websites of Disney+ and/or Hulu, and if you have a Disney+ subscription via Apple, Roku, etc., then you just plain don’t see the option ever (because they’ll keep kicking you off to the third party that does your billing). So what do you do? Do you need to cancel your Disney+ subscription first? Then sign up brand no and risk losing your viewing history?

NO! Don’t do that.

Fortunately, the answer is really quite simple. It’s just not very apparent.

The answer is to…

Keep your current Disney+ subscription as is! Annual, monthly, whatever. Doesn’t matter. If you’re paying for it through Apple, Roku, Amazon, etc, just keep doing that!

Then, when you sign up for the bundle (via the Hulu website), so long as you use the SAME EMAIL ADDRESS that you use for your Disney+ subscription, it doesn’t matter how or where you pay for that subscription. Disney will figure out you already have Disney+ subscription somewhere, and factor it in.

For example:

I have an annual subscription to Disney+ via Apple (since I signed up originally through my Apple TV).

I also already have a Hulu monthly subscription (the cheaper one with ads).

I do not have ESPN+.

Yesterday I noticed that with the price increases coming to Disney+ next month, the Disney Bundle with Hulu (with ads), Disney+(no ads), and ESPN+ (with ads) is slightly cheaper than if I just kept only Disney+ and Hulu.

So after doing much research to find out HOW best to activate the bundle without cancelling anything, I finally found this on a Hulu support page:

Straight from the Mouse’s mouth.

That one paragraph above really should be made more visible on more Disney help pages. The Disney+ Support pages contain no such language, and even the Hulu help pages only contain that paragraph on one specific help page.

So I hit the “upgrade to Bundle” toggle on my Hulu account, and noticed that my new bill already factored in my current Disney+ subscription via Apple.

It was actually quite easy. I spent more time googling what to do and reading different reddit threads and help forums than I needed to.

And now you don’t need to do any unnecessary googling either. (Though you must’ve already done SOME googling, or else you wouldn’t have gotten here….)

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