iPhone vs DSLR: Test #1,982,461

I know I’m not the first person to do this — in fact, I’m probably closer to the 2 millionth person — but I thought it’d be a fun experiment nonetheless.  On my recent honeymoon to Italy, I took pictures of some locations with both a DSLR and an iPhone 4.  Can you tell which is which?




The answer?  The iPhone pics are on the left in every row.

No touch-up work was done to any photos.  What you see up there is exactly what the “auto” settings of each device provides.  In a couple photos, you’ll see that the iPhone’s default settings naturally saturate colors a little more than the dSLR.  That’s probably intentional on Apple’s part, as color is the first thing people notice about photos, even if it’s not entirely accurate.

The dSLR I used was an Olympus E-420.  Why an Olympus when everyone else uses a Nikon or a Canon?  Because at the time it was the absolute smallest dSLR available.  But it’s still a lug to carry around by today’s standards and nothing screams “I’m a tourist, rob me” louder than a giant camera around your neck.  So on sunny days, I had absolutely no problem leaving the dSLR in the hotel safe and walking around with just my trusty iPhone.

Since a picture is worth so many words, I’ll just leave you with these photos taken only with an iPhone 4 at 7am on a Sunday morning in Venice…

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