Overcast is the best podcast app out there — but I’m using Downcast anyway

I’ve been using Overcast since it first came out many, many months ago.  It’s a great app, really.  Design-wise, it’s the perfect mix of “feature-rich” and “easy-to-use.”  I love using.

But I’m switching back to Downcast.

Why?  There’s one little tiny bug with Overcast that seems to only affect me.  The app has a nasty habit of resetting the customized order of the podcasts in my playlist.

I tried deleting the app and reinstalling it fresh.  It still has the bug.

This has been going on for a few months.

I love Overcast, and I want to give it another chance, but the reason I chose Overcast in the first place is because I loved the simplicity — and the functionality — of it’s unified playlist.  (The app I had been using used a combination of filters and playlists that didn’t suit me well.)

Now that my customized-playlist-order is basically useless, I need a new podcast app.  So I’m going to try Downcast for a while.  When I previously wrote about Downcast, my chief gripe was that it was too feature-rich.  Downcast offers every possible feature you could imagine for a podcast app (and some you couldn’t), and the interface wasn’t very user-friendly or intuitive.  But if you take the time to go into the dense forest of settings and customize things the way you want it, the customizable playlists do work well.  So I’ve done that.  And even if I don’t like the interface, at least I know I don’t have to go into the settings much at all from this point forward.  The app basically runs itself.

I’ll give Overcast a chance again, but for now I’m a Downcast kinda guy.

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