What is a Tech Concierge?


A few years ago, I found myself with a REALLY long hiatus between work on TV shows.  At the same time, many friends and former co-workers had been contacting me for help with their computers. And home theaters. And their car’s bluetooth. It was a little bit of everything actually. I didn’t always have all the answers for them, but if there was something I couldn’t do, I steered them in the right direction. On the suggestion of my then girlfriend (now wife), I transformed this interest in me as a “tech guy” into a business opportunity. But what do I call myself?

I’m not a “Genius” or a “Geek.” I’m just a guy with a lot of hands-on technical experience. And I admittedly don’t have all the answers. But I do love figuring out creative ways to get people the things they need.  Kinda like a hotel concierge. A Google search on “tech concierge” didn’t turn up much (at the time). The words were being used, but not by individuals like myself. So that’s what I put on my business card and on my first website.


To me, being a Tech Concierge means that if anyone ever calls the number on my card, I will answer. And I won’t hang up until there’s a course of action to help them out. If that means I go over myself and reformat their hard drive or troubleshoot why a speaker in their media room isn’t working, I’m happy to do it. If it means referring them to the right place to get their cracked laptop screen replaced, I’m prepared to do that, too. So long as the client gets some assurance that in a short matter of time the technology they paid good money for works the way it’s supposed to, I’ve done my job.  People want solutions, and I aim to provide them.

From the living room to the office to even your car, I aim to be the one person who can bridge it all together. From buying advice to set-up to even troubleshooting when things don’t work right, I’m the first and only number you need to call.

If you’re not currently a client of mind but think you might want my help, click on the “CONTACT ERIC” tab up above. Note, I live in the Los Angeles area.