Cree now makes an LED flood light

Wow, I never would’ve guessed that a light bulb review would quickly become one of my most read posts.  Since there’s clearly a demand for LED bulb reviews, I should probably do a “round up” comparing the various LEDs on the market sometime in the future.

‘Til then, I’m pleased to report there’s a brand new LED option for your household needs:  The Cree flood light (65w-equivalent)


These flood lights JUST went on sale at Home Depot, so I haven’t had a chance to try one yet, but if the performance is anything like the Cree LED bulb I reviewed last week, you should consider it.  If you have a recessed fixture that’s hard to reach, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be using LED bulbs at this point.  The longevity of the bulb alone is reason enough to buy one, let alone the potential cost savings over the life of the bulb.  Make sure you get one that matches the color temp of your current bulbs (Cree makes the flood lights in two varieties: “daylight” and “soft white”) and your eyes will never know the difference.

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